British travellers cash in as Dubai rates plummet

Searches for hotels in Dubai rise by 570% British travellers are making the most of cut price hotel rooms in Dubai according to new figures from Searches for hotels in Dubai have risen by 570% since Dubai World’s announcement sparked a financial crisis in the Emirate, it is revealed.

Shop around and upgrade your hotel for less

Get luxury rooms at mid-range prices as top-end hotels cut rates Travellers should shop around when booking their Christmas city breaks to secure an upgrade for less, according to leading accommodation site,*.

We all love to get an “Eiffel” of Paris

Eiffel Tower emerges as the “World’s Favourite Landmark” in global poll of 10,000 travellers The Eiffel Tower has topped the Taj Mahal, Statue of Liberty and Golden Gate Bridge to be crowned the World’s Favourite Landmark according to a poll of more than 10,000 travellers from around the world.

Brits baffled without Big Ben

One in six Britons fail to recognise the London skyline without one of its most memorable landmarks, Big Ben, new research from has shown. A staggering 17% of Brits were stumped by an image of their capital city when the iconic clock tower was airbrushed out of the picture.

Fangtastic new moon hotels for twi-hard fans selects rooms to sink your teeth into With just a week to go before the second installment of the cult vampire saga, Twilight, hits UK screens, has put together its top hotel picks of vampire venues and werewolf whereabouts featured in the movie.

Off peak and on the money

Searches for low season long-haul holidays rise by up to 200% as brits save for a rainy day Credit-crunched Britons are increasingly looking to book holidays out of season in a bid to avoid peak prices and get the most from their holiday budgets, according to new findings*.

The best beds for less

The cost of a night of luxury tumbles worldwide as top-end hotels cut rates The average cost of top-end rooms around the world is on the slide, according to, which means that travellers’ money has never gone further.

Top hotels for a fright night experience offers its picks for a spooky experience this Halloween According to the recent Fringe Weird Report, Britain is teeming with werewolves, aliens, ghosts and ghouls. So this October, there really is nowhere better to spend Halloween than the British Isles. Whether you fancy the bleak Yorkshire Moors or a good old-fashioned haunted house, check out our top five ‘Halloween Hotels’.

Amorous Brits Love a Foreign Fling

60% of holidaymakers admit to romance on holiday Lucky-in-love Brits consider a romantic fling an essential part of the perfect holiday with just under two thirds (60%) admitting they have fallen for the charms of another whilst in a foreign land.

Brits look beyond the eurozone as pound plummets

Searches rise for destinations where the Pound goes further The plummeting pound has prompted a rush amongst British travellers to look for a getaway beyond the major Eurozone destinations. With the Euro almost at parity with the pound, the cost of a holiday in many continental cities has spiralled for Brits heading abroad.