Baby on Abroad

With Kate Middleton’s due date fast approaching, reveals Brits’ top conception destinations

With the future heir to the throne due to be born in the next few weeks, can reveal that Kate Middleton isn’t the only Brit to conceive when abroad, with 18% of Brits admitting to falling pregnant while on holiday.

From a survey of 2,000 respondents several Brits admitted to conceiving in holiday hotspots. Spain topped the table with an amorous 19% conceiving in this popular tourist hotspot, closely followed by the UK with 15% becoming pregnant while on ‘stay-cation.’ France (12%), Italy (9%) and Portugal (7%), well known for their romantic scenery and atmospheres, rounded off the top five.

With rumours rife that the Royal Baby was conceived in Singapore, can also reveal that Kate Middleton is the most influential celebrity for ‘conception destinations’ with 5% of the respondents revealing they were inspired to travel to Singapore when hearing the Duchess’ news. Kate beat other celebs who fuelled Brits’ travel choices including Victoria Beckham for Brooklyn (4%), Kim Kardashian for Rome (3%) and Beyoncé for Paris (3%) who were all rumoured to fall pregnant while travelling.

Men were actually more inspired to holiday in a celebrity conception destination than their female counterparts with 5% of men wanting to treat their partner to a Singaporean holiday compared to only 3% of women.

The Top 5 British Conception Destinations Location Percentage of those who conceived when on holiday 1 Spain 19% 2 UK 15% 3 France 12% 4 Italy 9% 5 Portugal 7%

Laura Watts of said, “It’s incredible to see celebrity conceptions are influential for some Brits when looking to book their next holiday – who knows where the next hotspot will be. We can see which destinations bring out our amorous side, especially in men, resulting in a holiday memory that will last a lifetime!”