Cor Blimey! London first in taxi rank

London holds taxi top spot, as voted by global travellers

  London cabs have been voted the best taxis in the world for the fifth year in a row, according to the annual global taxi survey from  London claimed 11% of the votes, followed by New York with 6.4% and Tokyo with 5.6%.   The world’s best taxis:
Rank City % of votes
1 London 11%
2 New York 6.4%
3 Tokyo 5.6%
4 Shanghai 4.8%
5 Bangkok 4.3%
  Travellers voted in seven categories, of which London’s iconic black cabs, that have been around in some form since the 17th century, headed up five. These included friendliness, knowledge of the area, cleanliness, safety and quality of driving. However, the classic black taxis were also voted worst for value. New York pipped London to the post as the best city for availability with their famous yellow cabs, whilst Bangkok topped the list for best value.    Despite London and New York retaining first and second place, taxis in Asian Pacific countries are rising in popularity, with Tokyo, Shanghai and Bangkok all qualifying for coveted spots in the top five.    The taxi survey also revealed some of the unconventional activities that travellers from around the world get up to on their taxi journeys.  Over half of all respondents (56%) have fallen asleep in a taxi, while almost a fifth (19%) said they use the journey to touch up their hair and makeup.   An additional quarter (26%) of those surveyed, admit to having kissed in the backseat of the taxi in the past.    The UK has been revealed as one of the most frisky nations, with 13% confessing to ‘becoming amorous’ in the back of a cab, which is well above the global average of 6%.  The survey also revealed some of the strange items left behind in UK cabs including an accordion, knickers and condoms!   Other findings:
  • 15% of respondents claimed they would never tip their taxi driver, while 39% only round up to the next whole number
  • Safety was voted as the quality most valued in the a taxi, followed by knowledge of area and value
  • The world’s biggest spenders on taxis are Australian’s, while Italian’s splash out on this mode of transport the least
  Best according to category:
Category Best % of votes
Cleanliness London 13%
Knowledge of the area London 14%
Quality of driving London 16%
Friendliness London 10%
Safety London 12%
Availability New York 11%
Value Bangkok 10%
  Alison Couper, Senior Director of Communications,, comments: “It is great news for London to be the home of the best taxis for the fifth year running. London’s iconic black cabs are recognised around the world as being the highest quality and it’s due to the impressive expertise of London taxi drivers that they’re seen to have the best local knowledge compared to any other city in the world!”