The office revealed as UK’s hotspot for holiday bookings

1 in 4 book holidays in secret via their mobile phones at work*; data from also reveals that hotel searches spike between the working hours of 3pm and 5pm**

• Over a quarter (26%) of people have researched or booked a holiday in secret during working hours via their phones – executives top the list of work-time bookers, as 34% of directors and 34% of junior managers admit to booking or researching a holiday at work

• Over half (52%) use their phones to pretend to be working or responding to emails in front of their boss, when they’re actually planning social activities

• Over 1 in 6 (18%) of women have pretended to be responding to work e-mails when sending text messages, compared to only 13% of men

With the holiday season fast approaching, a study commissioned on behalf of the mobile app reveals the office is the UK’s hotspot for holiday bookings, with over a quarter of Brits researching or booking a holiday during working hours using their mobile phones (26%). Surprisingly, the research, which polled 2,000 British workers, found that company directors and junior managers are the biggest culprits when it comes to using their time at work for personal use, with a third of both directors (34%) and junior managers (34%) having researched or booked a holiday on their phone at work.

When it comes to hiding their personal activities at work, smartphones are a key tool for over half of respondents (52%) who admit to using their phone in front of their boss to pretend to be working, when they are actually planning social activities. 18% of women have pretended to be responding to work emails when sending personal text messages, compared to just 13% of men. Not only this, but 12% have admitted to acting like they have been working when they were planning a holiday, and 9% when planning a night out. Men are most prepared when it comes to concealing what they’re doing from their bosses, as over 1 in 6 (17%) use their business phones to hide the fact that they are conducting personal activities, compared to just 9% of women.

According to data from’s mobile app, hotel searches also spike between the hours of 3pm and 5pm**, as workers are most likely to look for a hotel after lunch, with a 19% increase in searches between 3pm and 3.59pm in the last year alone.

Laura Watts from commented: “Our phones are an extension of our lives, whether we’re checking social media, making calls, taking photos or managing our lives through a plethora of apps. We’re no longer confined to our PCs or laptops, so every minute of the day can now be used for life admin or responding to urgent work emails. Even though it’s against ‘meeting etiquette’ it has become more acceptable to check phones on a regular basis, whether that’s in a meeting or at your desk. So next time you see someone on their phone in a meeting don’t be fooled – while they could be responding to an important e-mail, they may just be planning their next getaway.”

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