Welcome to the Club

John Torode creates the ultimate Club Sandwich This week chef, restauranteur and TV presenter John Torode has joined forces with Hotels.com to reveal how to perfect the world’s favourite hotel dish – The Club Sandwich.

During the Masterclass which can be watched at http://youtu.be/S45AYGYIDL4 the star chef  gives a step-by-step guide and his secret tips to viewers on how to transform chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, hard boiled eggs, dijonnaise and toast into a delicious culinary creation.  The video has been created to mark the launch of the Hotels.com Club Sandwich Index which uses the most common dish on a hotel menu as a measure of affordability, to give holiday-makers an indication of the costs associated with their holiday destination. In the Index, Paris was found to be the most expensive city in the world to order a Club with the average cost coming in at £20.43, while in the second most expensive city, Geneva, the sandwich costs an average of £20.10, followed closely by £18.83 for a Club in Oslo. John Torode said: “For me the Club Sandwich tells you all you need to know about a great hotel. Hotels.com has surveyed 750 hotels in more than 25 countries to give you an indication of the price point of a great Club Sandwich.”  













To learn how to make the perfect Club Sandwich or see where your country comes in the Club Sandwich Index http://youtu.be/S45AYGYIDL4.

John Torode’s top tips:
  1. Stacking is important so when you go to eat it, it doesn’t falls apart
  2. Don’t butter your Club Sandwich, use mayo, and lots of it
  3. The most important thing is, it’s got to be cold. A Club Sandwich should be a cold dish and served with hot chips
  4. Don’t squash down the middle of the sandwich or the filling will fall out. Push down on the edge of the sandwich to hold it in place
Ingredients (cold): Bacon, poached chicken, lettuce, tomato, hard boiled eggs, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard Instructions:
  1. Thinly sliced the chicken, egg, tomatoes and iceberg lettuce  
  2. Toast the bread and mix the mayonnaise and mustard to create Dijonnaise and spread the Dijonnaise on one side of each slice 
  3. Add the bacon on top of the first slice, followed by the chicken, layered in opposite directions
  4. Add the second slice of toast Dijonnaise side down and top with another spreading of Dijonnaise before topping with the lettuce, tomatoes and egg
  5. Add the final slice on top, Dijonnaise side down
  6. Press down the edges of the sandwich to hold the ingredients together. Place four toothpicks to hold the sandwich together, one in each corner
  7. Cut away the sides of the sandwich and serve with hot chips