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TORONTO – March 31, 2016: As you prepare for that spring getaway, remember to keep the health and fun quotient high! There’s a saying that “getting there can be half the fun” and that’s true, especially if you pay attention to the food you eat on the way to your destination.™ has teamed up with a professional dietitian to offer tips for eating healthy while traveling.

“Though you may be faced with food courts and unfamiliar restaurants, healthy eating while travelling is definitely possible, and can be very enjoyable,” says professional dietitian Ilene Gilbert P.Dt. “In fact, with the many food choices available to you it can actually be easier on a trip to stick to a diet or to find fresh, tasty and healthy foods.”

Road warriors, who log many miles and hours in transit, know how to find great food choices no matter where they are.

“I travel constantly for work and for pleasure and have learned to plan ahead to make sure my diet stays on track,” says Taylor L. Cole, APR travel expert for “Hotels and restaurants can be very flexible when it comes to meal preparation. Room service menus usually have healthy eating options highlighted, and hotel staff and the concierge are great resources on the best local spots to meet your dietary preferences.”

Ilene offers a “top ten” checklist of things travellers can do to make sure their nutrition doesn’t suffer during vacation and business travel.

  1. Plan ahead. There are a lot of stresses associated with modern travel – but the food you eat doesn’t have to be one of them! Try packing portable snacks that pack a lot of nutrition – among them Greek yogurt, almonds and walnuts. Consider dried fruit such as figs or dates, but if sugar is an issue, skip these.
  2. What if you are hungry in the middle of the morning and all you see are muffins and cookies at the hotel coffee shop? Grab a large skinny latte or cappuccino; the protein and carbohydrates from the milk will keep you going.
  3. Most chain restaurants, including fast food chains, offer healthy alternatives, which can include wraps and salads with vinaigrette on the side. Also, many hotels offer free breakfast with lots of choices.
  4. Often, you can order a sandwich or six inch sub on whole wheat bread. Ask for no butter or dressing on the bread and, if you skip the cheese, you can reduce the total fat and calories. Add a veggie or bean soup for a fast lunch but try to avoid cream soups.
  5. If the only place you find yourself near at lunch is a grocery store or sushi shop get a sushi box, no tempura. Add a seaweed salad, and use only half the soy sauce to keep sodium low.
  6. In hotel restaurants try to order the grilled or steamed options, not fried. Remember one tablespoon of oil has approximately 150 calories!
  7. Make sure you stay well hydrated. Instead of diet or regular soft drinks, try lemon or other flavoured sparkling water. They have no calories, no salt and are refreshing.
  8. It’s not always possible to control the quality of the food, so try to control the portion. Order two appetizers instead of a main course. Avoid 3-course meals. If we pay for it we tend to eat it, even if we are not hungry.
  9. Share a meal by adding an extra soup or salad.
  10. Keep an eye on calories from adult beverages. A mixed drink can add up to 300 calories, a glass of wine depending on the size, can be 150 calories. Feel free to indulge periodically, but remember that Health Canada recommends a maximum of 10 drinks per week for women and 15 for men.

Being on the go can provide great opportunities to sample foods or a cuisine you’ve never had but always wanted to try. Taylor notes, “Your food experience during your travels can be as enjoyable as your travel journey with some simple planning and preparation.”

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