develops winning formula for perfect hotel stay develops winning formula for perfect hotel stay
Cleanliness and comfort 35 times more important than lavish breakfast or luxurious pool

More travelers than ever before are booking their trips based on peer recommendations and consumer behavior is showing that reviews are becoming even more important than the traditional hotel star ratings when booking their trips. But with so much information out there, it can be hard to decipher what’s important.

With over 25 million guest reviews on its website, took a deep-dive into its 2016 data to settle the debate and create the right formula of what makes the perfect hotel stay. Enlisting the help of consumer psychologist, Dr. Simon Moore to lead the research, the brand analyzed 148 million comments from more than 5 million trusted guest reviews on hundreds of thousands of hotels worldwide. Dr. Moore then converted the findings into a mathematical formula that equals hotel perfection:

F25 + C35 + B10 + P2 + Q + Br + D7 + S + W + ½H = Hotel Perfection

F = How friendly are the staff

C= Perceived cleanliness of the room

B= How comfortable is the bed

P= Perceived Reasonable Price

Q= Quietness of the room

S = Swimming pool

Br= Breakfast is included

D = Location/Walking distance/access

W = Free WiFi

H= Hot drink available to make in room

HP = Overall hotel perfection

The research shows it’s the simple things that create hotel perfection, with luxurious extras seen as the cherry on the cake. Cleanliness and comfort are 35 times more important than a sumptuous breakfast, a luxurious pool or a deluxe coffee machine in your room. And surprisingly, in this connected world, the impact of friendly and helpful staff is 10 times more important than free Wi-Fi.

 The top three favourite Canadian hotels matching the top winning formula score:

Consumer psychologist, Dr. Simon Moore, who led the research, comments: “While we all dream of luxurious hotels and sun-soaked beaches, in fact the things we value most when selecting a hotel tell us something far more fundamental about the human condition. The analysis of over 148 million review comments from customers highlight that the main factors that guests really care about relate to their unconscious, basic human needs. From a psychological stand-point, risks and discomfort out-weigh comparative positive benefits five to one, so it’s no wonder travelers pay more attention to the fundamentals such as comfort and cleanliness over lavish pools and fine-dining.

“Cleanliness and comfort fulfils our need for relaxation, safety and security. A good location fulfils our needs to feel connected to others and that we have somewhere we can escape to in times of such need. The fact that staff friendliness plays such an important role in guest satisfaction shows that, as intrinsically social creatures, we love to be greeted with a smile and a chat. It makes us feel welcome and part of the group.”

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