2015 H1 Hotel Price Index: HPI declined in many European countries, great opportunity for traveler with limited budget Taiwanese travelers were luxurious with highest average expenditure up to NT$ 17,039 a night in Milan’s five star hotels

Taipei Oct 22, 2015 According to the world’s leading online accommodation booking service™ latest Hotel Price Index™ (HPITM), influenced by the currency devaluation, the changes in economic situation and other factors, in the first half of this year, a double-digit decline in top hotel rooms prices paid per night by Taiwanese travelers appeared in several countries, with many European countries on the list. Amsterdam, Stockholm, Barcelona and other cities declined the most around 30%, which could be said a good time to travel in Europe. And some of the favorite destinations for Taiwanese were London and Singapore, where also appeared a 15% decline, which was favorable for people long for an excursion or a journey!

Compared with the same period in 2014,

Average decline in top hotel room (four and five-star) price Taiwanese travellers actually paid per night in 2015 H1 (NTD)

Destinations 2015 H1 2014 H1 Changes in price
Moscow 3,653 6,037 -39%
Amsterdam 7,252 10,770 -33%
Stockholm 4,923 6,740 -27%
Barcelona 4,878 6,373 -23%
Sydney 4,345 5,457 -20%
Frankfurt 4,155 5,008 -17%
Brussels 4,236 5,086 -17%
Venice 6,426 7,676 -16%
Helsinki 4,407 5,186 -15%
Berlin 3,623 4,258 -15%
London 13,106 15,394 -15%
Singapore 8,175 9,596 -15%


With NT$ 5,000, people could easily enjoy fantastic accommodations in Berlin, Barcelona and other cities

The report also announced that in accommodations around the world’s major destinations analyzed in the HPI, with NT$ 5,000 or less, the star ratings of hotels and the cities where they locate. Travelers who wanted to travel in Europe with budget could take Berlin, Barcelona, Frankfurt and Rome into consideration, where people were able to book a five-star hotel with NT$ 5,000. In Asian cities, this room price was only available with a three-star room in Tokyo, and a four-star hotel room in Bangkok. And in North America, it was only available with a one-star hotel room in New York and Boston, and a two-star hotel room in Los Angeles.

Irresistible charm of Milan, Taiwanese paid average NT$ 17,039 a night in average

If you look at the five-star hotels Taiwan travelers paid with the highest average prices in the top ten cities, Milan ranked the first with an average of NT $17,039 a night as a city where Taiwanese paid the most for five-star hotel rooms, following cities were Venice, which ranked second, with average NT$ 16,570 per night, and New York, which ranked third, with average NT$ 16,431 per night. Taipei also squeezed into the top ten with an average of NT$ 9,681 per night, which showed five-star hotel rooms in Taipei are also attractive to Taiwanese.


Where Taiwanese travelers paid the most per night for 5-star hotels in H1 2015 (TWD)

Rank Destinations Average five-star hotel room prices Taiwanese paid
1 Milan 17,039
2 Venice 16,570
3 New York 16,431
4 Tokyo 14,402
5 Paris 14,362
6 London 13,106
7 Dubai 11,507
8 Rome 11,414
9 Hong Kong 11,061
10 Taipei 9,681


Taiwanese’s outbound travel consuming power grew, the average expense in hotel room price had risen

The report also deeply analyzed the average hotel room price that travelers from each country paid for outbound travel in the first half of this year. Due to exchange rate fluctuations, the average price of Taiwan travelers spending on outbound travel declined slightly from NT$ 4,037 last year, to NT$ 3,899 per night this year. However, viewing from the ranking, Taiwan ranks 23 in the 32 countries under survey, which had risen noticeably compared to last year when Taiwan ranked the last. It showed that Taiwanese’s consuming power grew conspicuously globally.

In addition, among the top 5 countries with the most room price paid when traveling abroad, South America took two places, one was Argentina with NT$ 5,184 paid for a hotel room per night in average, and the other one was Mexico with an average of NT $ 4,800, showing strong growth in the region. While Malaysia was the most budget saving travelers accommodation, their average payment on hotel rooms was NT$ 3,237.

The top 5 average room prices paid per night by travelers when travelling overseas  (NTD)


Rank Country Average hotel rooms expenditure in outbound travel
1 Argentina 5,184
2 The U.S. 5,121
3 Switzerland 5,075
4 Mexico 4,800
5 The U.K. 4,772


The least 5 of average room prices paid per night by travelers when travelling overseas (NTD) 

Rank Country Average hotel rooms expenditure in outbound travel
1 Malaysia 3,237
2 Holland 3,646
3 Russia 3,647
4 Spain 3,649
5 Germany 3,713


* All of the above average prices paid per night are included with tax and service charges

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