• USA remained the most popular destination for British travellers in 2017 followed by Spain and France
  • Hotel Price Index from Hotels.com reveals a 2% hike in accommodation prices globally for the first time in three years
  • Domestic prices for UK travellers showed no change when compared to 2016


LONDON 20th MARCH – After three years flat, prices travellers paid for overnight accommodation rose 2% globally in 2017, according to the latest Hotel Price Index™ (HPI™) from Hotels.com®. Despite the overall global increase, UK travellers paid* less per night in nearly a quarter of their 100 favorite destinations such as the UAE, Malaysia and Jamaica, while prices at home remained consistent with the previous year.


The HPI was set at 100 in its inaugural year, 2004. The index format allows Hotels.com to highlight year-over-year variations in actual prices paid per night by travellers without foreign exchange fluctuations distorting the picture.


Among the countries analysed in the latest HPI, the average price paid by Brits for a room in 2017 in their 100 most popular outbound countries was £111, compared to £106 the year before. Places where Brits paid more last year than in 2016 were popular holiday destinations in Europe including Portugal (from £88 to £103), Spain (from £97 to £108), and the Netherlands (from £97 to £112). This could be why British travellers chose to venture further afield in 2017 with the USA remaining the most popular country as travellers only experienced a 4% increase in price paid per night in 2017.


However, despite Spain witnessing an average price paid per night increase of 11% and up to 18% in popular cities such as Madrid, Britain’s love affair with Spain is far from over as it remained the second most popular travel destination for Brits in 2017.


Johan Svanstrom, President, Hotels.com brand said: “The slight increase in average accommodation prices globally combined with numerous markets having record visitor growth signals a strong travel economy and a growing desire from consumers to experience the world. Cultural events have inspired travel more than ever before as we aspire not to just stand by and observe the action, but to instead actually be part of it. ”




















Most Popular Countries for British Travellers in 2017 (city data available)


Country Rank in top 100 destinations in 2017 Avg price paid by Brits in 2017 Avg price paid by Brits in 2016 Percentage increase YoY
United States of America  


£148 £142 4%
Spain 2 £108 £97 11%
France 3 £104 £97 7%
Italy 4 £111 £104 7%
Germany 5 £103 £96 7%
Thailand 6 £59 £56 6%
Netherlands 7 £114 £103 10%
Ireland 8 £109 £103 6%
Portugal 9 £103 £88 17%
Australia 10 £111 £102 9%




Globally, it was good news for newlyweds as popular honeymoon hotspots such as Fiji, St. Lucia and Antigua and Barbuda as they paid up to 7% less per night compared to those booking in 2016. Those heading to Fiji could also enjoy 5-star luxury without breaking the bank as prices per night decreased by nearly a quarter from £286 to £220 when compared to the previous year.


However, despite the increases in European prices for British travellers, Brits continued to travel to their favorite European city hotspots. Paris topped the list as the most popular city for Brits last year closely followed by Amsterdam. Perhaps with Eurostar launching a London-Amsterdam route in 2018, Paris could be challenged for its number one city spot next year.


Most popular international city destinations in 2017 for British travellers:


1.       Paris
2.       Amsterdam
3.       New York
4.       Dublin
5.       Berlin
6.       Barcelona
7.       Rome
8.       Bangkok
9.       Dubai
10.   Mallorca


Isabelle Pinson, Vice President, EMEA for Hotels.com brand, commented: “Although hotel prices rose for British travellers in 2017 – perhaps due to the unsettled political climate – there were still many of Brits’ favorite travel destinations both at home and abroad offering them great value for money.”


Looking at the 100 most popular countries Brits travelled to in 2017, unsurprisingly the Maldives was where Brits spent the most on average for accommodation, pricing at £386 per night. This was followed closely by Monaco (£309) and Seychelles (£296).  Meanwhile, some of the best value accommodation was to be found in Asia where Brits paid as little as £41 on average for a hotel room in Nepal.


Popular countries where Brits paid the least in 2017:



Country Rank in top 100 destinations in 2017 Average price paid by Brits in 2017 (£) Average price paid by Brits in 2016 (£) Percentage increase YoY*
Nepal 76 £41 £41 -2%
Cambodia 45 £42 £40 5%
Laos 84 £51 £48 6%
Vietnam 24 £57 £55 5%
Thailand 6 £59 £56 6%
Latvia 54 £60 £57 4%
Tunisia 100 £60 £64 -7%
Malaysia 17 £61 £62 -1%
Philippines 33 £62 £63 -2%
Myanmar 68 £63 £60 4%


*NB, all numbers are rounded to the nearest whole number


For international travellers visiting the UK in 2017, London, Edinburgh and Manchester remained the most popular cities despite the average price per night in Edinburgh witnessing an increase of 12% compared to 2016. This could be the reason why Aberdeen knocked out Brighton from the top 10 most popular destinations in the UK as international visitors could still enjoy the magic of Scotland, but at a price on average nearly £40 cheaper than in Edinburgh.


Most popular UK cities in 2017 for international travellers:


1.       London
2.       Edinburgh
3.       Manchester
4.       Glasgow
5.       Liverpool
6.       Birmingham
7.       Belfast
8.       Gatwick
9.       Oxford
10.   Aberdeen



Please visit hpi.hotels.com/uk-2017 for more information and to view reports in additional currencies.