Forget sunscreen, we just want a TV screen

Sleeping naked and choosing TV over sex: hotel sleeping habits revealed!

Holiday romance is no longer on the top of the agenda for Brits as less than half (46%) admit to choosing sex as their favourite hotel bedroom pastime. The survey by reveals more than two thirds of us (67%) choose to watch TV in bed, followed by reading (47%) before picking making love.

Frolicking in the sheets may not be our top choice, but it does beat surfing the internet  (40%) and ordering numerous items from the room service menu, which only a fifth of Brits (20%) chose as their top activity in bed.

The global study of over 25,000 also revealed that many travellers choose to ditch their pyjamas when staying in a hotel with more than a third (39%) admitting to sleeping completely nude. Of the nations surveyed, the free-loving French came in first place with over half (51%) of holidaymakers preferring to sleep in the buff, whilst the UK came in joint second place with Norway, both with almost a quarter (24%) ditching their bedroom clothing.

Of the top ten care-free nations, a fifth (20%) of Swedish travellers choose to bare all, while 16% of Irish and Russian travellers also admit to sleeping in just a sheet.

Holidays are thought of to have a calming influence on our dreams, with 42% of Brits admitting they dream differently when on holiday. Over a quarter (26%) of Brits find their dreams far more relaxing on holiday, while 50% of those in Mexico also had calmer dreams, topping the global list.  Mexico was closely followed by Colombia (48%) and Taiwan (45%) in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Carolina Annand, of the brand said, “It seems on a global scale a lot of us are more than happy to strip for the sheets, yet it is interesting to see in the UK that we prefer to watch TV on a hotel bed rather than any other activity. With such a variety of hotel rooms to discover across the globe, both international and domestic, we encourage travellers to really make themselves at home whenever they travel!”

Top five most popular hotel bed habits:

  Hotel bed habit  


1 Watching TV 67%
2 Reading 47%
3 Sex 46%
4 Surfing the internet 40%
5 Eating from the room service menu 20%

Top ten countries brave enough to bare all in hotel beds:

  Countries who

Sleep in the nude

On holiday



1 France 51%
2= UK 24%
2= Norway 24%
4 Sweden 20%
5= Australia 19%
5= Finland 19%
7 Denmark 18%
8 Canada 17%
9= Netherlands 16%
9= Ireland 16%
9= Russia 16%


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