® Creates Wildly Colorful ‘90s Pop-Up Dream Room® debuted today a new pop up room that makes a ‘90s kids’ dream sleepover a bookable reality. The room can be described as rainbow wonderland, oozing with nostalgia from the decade that brought us frosted tips and flannel shirts. The flashy flat shines with eye-catching elements inspired by the designs from ‘90s pop culture and design icon Lisa Frank.

The Lisa Frank Flat is a spacious Barsala penthouse that will have you feeling like you’ve taken a trip back in time. With a technicolor rainbow window display, light-up canopy bed and Instagram-worthy wall murals, every detail of the room is thoughtfully curated to give guests a behind-the-scenes experience into this vibrant world.

“We wanted to design a room that celebrates all things ‘90s, and nothing screams childhood nostalgia more these iconic designs,” shared Adam Jay, President of “ is thrilled to bring this dream room to life and reward travelers with a blast from their past.”

Put on a scrunchie because this dream room is custom-fit with countless Instagramable moments, from trendy neon light fixtures to a bathroom that’s been transformed into an underwater dolphin fantasy world. Fans who stay in the limited-time-only room can peruse the (free!) minibar stocked with everyone’s favorite throwback snacks.

Guests can indulge in the best hotel life has to offer by cozying up in fittingly funky hotel swag including multi-pattern plush robes, slipper sets and sleep masks. These limited-edition items are yours for the taking — you won’t want the slumber party to end! Before checking out, take a final trip down memory lane and sign the flat’s guestbook in neon gel pen (duh!).