trials SiesteSilla sleep pods to help save the siesta! #SalvaLaSiesta

Siestas: are they under threat? Government proposals could see an end to the Spanish tradition

  • More than 60% of Spaniards would like to see public siesta spaces to make it easier to take a nap during the day
  • Just under half (43%) of non-nappers say they don’t have time, and one in 10 (8%) claim they work too far from home to catch a siesta at lunchtime
  • New research shows siestas boost creativity and productivity at work, according to The International Institute of Sleep (IIS)
  • Madrid was named by Spaniards as the number one region where siestas should be made mandatory, followed by Catalunia and Pais de Vasco

London, April 5 2017 –
Leading sleep and accommodation expert, yesterday launched an innovative trial of “SiesteSilla” sleep pods in Madrid’s Atocha train station in a bid to highlight the importance of getting a good afternoon nap. The hotel expert has conducted research* that says 92% of Spaniards want to take siestas, but the inconvenience of working long distances from home plus new Government proposals could put an end to the siesta altogether. is championing the Siesta with “#SalvaLaSiesta”, promoting public siesta areas after it found that 61% of Spaniards said they would try napping in public and new research by the International Institute of Sleep that claims that siestas boost both creativity and productivity.

#SalvaLaSiesta and the SiesteSilla trial are inspired by research which shows that while the overwhelming majority (92%) of Spaniards believe siestas are important, a third (33%) are not able to regularly take an afternoon snooze. Nearly half (43%) of non-nappers claim they don’t have time for an afternoon shut-eye, and a further one in 10 (8%) say they work too far away to go home during the day.

The decline of the siesta could threaten workplace creativity, with experts believing that napping improves focus and creative capacity in the afternoons. Dr. García-Borreguero from the International Institute for Sleep (IIS) says short sleeps can boost creativity by improving insightful behavior and flexible reasoning.

Dr. García-Borreguero from the IIS said: “Numerous studies have shown that small periods of daytime sleep, especially if the duration is less than 20-30 minutes, can contribute to a decrease in fatigue and increase in concentration and memory retention, thus increasing performance. In this way, they increase the tools necessary to improve productivity and stimulate creativity. A short sleep can decrease anxiety and irritability levels, as well as muscle tension. It also improves the capacity for decision-making ”

Santiago Pérez Olano, Senior Marketing Manager at brand, added: “We know how rewarding it is to sleep well, especially when we are in a wonderful hotel bed. Now we want Spaniards to have the possibility of sleeping in luxurious public spaces that deliver the siesta experience in style, so that they return to work full of energy and good ideas. Salva la siesta!”

Madrid was named by Spaniards as the number one region where siestas should be made mandatory to help populations cope with stress, with 39% of all respondents voting for this city. This was followed by Catalunia (28%) and Pais de Vasco (12%).

SiesteSilla, the sleeping pods for public napping

The premium SiesteSilla pods feature memory foam mattresses; state of the art light shields and mood boosting scents. Starting with a trial in Madrid’s Atocha, is championing the importance of the siesta and encouraging more people to take a productivity-boosting afternoon nap.

After the initial trial, the siesta pods will be available for visitors to the stylish 4-star Hotel Santa Domingo in the heart of bustling Madrid for three months. Adding to the hotel’s  rooftop pool, travellers and locals will now be able to pop by for an afternoon snooze to leave them feeling invigorated and recharged for the afternoon.

For more information or to join the conversation, visit’s Facebook page or search #SalvaLaSiesta. Visitors to Madrid can visit Hotel Santa Domingo (San Bernardo 1, Madrid, 28013) for three months from 5th April 2017 to trial the pods.


Notes to editors:

*Survey of 2,500 Spanish Adults carried out by OnePoll between 2nd March 2017 and 7th March 2017.


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