The Wizarding Way to Tour the UK

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter book,™ has looked at the most iconic locations from the film and book series, revealing the best places to relive the magic and embark on your own wizarding tour of the UK.

From Diagon Alley to Hagrid’s Hut, apparate into the sets of the wizarding world and follow in the footsteps of Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Diagon Alley

Filming Location: Leadenhall Market, London

The first trip any budding wizard must make is to the cobbled streets of Diagon Alley, aka London’s Leadenhall market. Moving through the hustle and bustle, head straight to Ollivanders to pick up the essential wizarding accessory. Don’t miss the secret entrance through The Leaky Cauldron! This is actually an optician in Bull’s Head Passage.

Stay just round the corner from Leadenhall Market at Threadneedles, Autograph Collection by Marriott, London which is also just a short journey by Floo Powder to Gringott’s Bank (Australia House, Strand).

Threadneedles, Autograph Collection by Marriott, London is available from £205 per room per night. For more information or to book, visit*

Platform 9 ¾

Filming Location: Kings Cross St. Pancras, London

Now you have all your supplies for the year ahead and you’ve burdened your bag full of books from Flourish and Blotts, it’s time to catch the Hogwarts Express. Head to Kings Cross St Pancras between muggle platforms 9 and 10, straight through the wall and onto platform 9 ¾ – you better be quick though as with only one train you don’t want to miss it!

Walk through the doors of the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London and you’ll find yourself stepping straight into the film itself as the entrance to the station was filmed in this spot. In the station, you’ll find platform 9 ¾ where you can test your trolley-pushing skills.

St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London is available from £241 per room per night. For more information or to book, visit*


Filming Location: Goathland, Yorkshire

 Phew that was close but you managed to catch the train and you’ve made it to Hogsmeade Station feeling slightly queasy after enjoying one too many Chocolate Frogs and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans from the Honeydukes Trolley.

At Gothland Station near Whitby, you’ll find yourself standing on the platform of Hogsmeade Station before heading to the Black Lake and catching the boats to Hogwarts.

Enjoy the beautiful town of Hogsmeade by staying at The Mallyan Spout Hotel, Whitby from £90 per room per night. For more information or to book, visit*


Filming Location: Durham Cathedral, County Durham

 Stepping off the boats you can see the magnificent spires of Hogwarts castle. Your next great adventure lurks deep within its walls.

Durham Cathedral doubled as a film location for Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Scenes included the release of Hedwig in the first film and the students turning animals into water goblets in the second film.

Just a short walk away from both Durham Cathedral and Durham Castle, The Townhouse from £85 per room per night and is a fantastic location to stay whilst exploring the grounds. For more information or to book, visit*

Christ Church, Oxford (The Great Hall)

 Filming Location: The Great Hall, Christ Church Oxford University

 Now it’s time for the most important moment of your Hogwarts career and it’s completely out of your hands as the Sorting Hat is placed on your head and assesses your character. Are you a courageous Gryffindor, loyal Hufflepuff, wise Ravenclaw or a cunning Slytherin?

Explore the magnificent Great Hall in the beautiful surroundings of Christ Church College in Oxford. Once you have been sorted into your house, you have time to explore the rest of Hogwarts. Take a trip to New College to see where the cloister scenes were filmed.

To stay near the Great Hall, relax at Vanbrugh House Hotel, Oxford is available from £181 per room per night. For more information or to book, visit*

Potions Class

Filming Location: Lacock Abbey, Chippenham

Looking at your timetable you realise that you have Potions class up first and know that Professor Snape is not one to be late for. As you hurry along past Professor Quirrell’s classroom, you overhear students talking about a Mirror of Erised being hidden somewhere in the building.

Many of the classroom scenes from the films took place in Lacock Abbey in Chippenham including the moment Harry discovers the famous Mirror of Erised in the first film. By exploring the rest of Lacock village you will come across various filming locations including the Potter’s house as well as Budleigh Babberton where Professor Slughorn resides – just don’t sit on any of the armchairs!

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Moaning Myrtle’s Bathroom

Filming Location: Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucester

As you walk towards your next class you hear what sounds like a girl crying – it must be the girl Snape just shouted at, you head in to see if she’s OK. To your surprise, you find yourself in a bathroom, and just as you realise, Moaning Myrtle jumps out to give you a fright. You’re not up to speed on your ghost etiquette but you’re pretty sure it’s not OK to walk through one!

See the set of Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom at Gloucester Cathedral along with the entrance to the Gryffindor common room and the hall with the blood-smeared message.

Discover Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom at Gloucester Cathedral and stay at The Wharf, Gloucester which is available from £99 per room per night. For more information or to book, visit*

Hagrid’s Hut

Filming Location: Glencoe, Scotland

After what seems like an impossible day full of talking hats, ghosts and transforming teachers, it’s definitely time to head down to Hagrid’s Hut for a much needed cup of tea. The scenes at Hagrid’s Hut all took place in the beautiful setting of Glencoe which is situated in the North West of Scotland looking onto the River Coe.

Hagrid’s Hut was filmed in the beautiful background of Glencoe, Scotland. Isles Of Glencoe Hotel, Ballachulish is available from £150 per room per night. For more information or to book, visit*

The Burrow

Filming Location: Ottery St Mary, Devon

After your first term at Hogwarts, you have just about mastered the magical world including the moving staircases but you are ready for the holidays. Luckily your friend Ron asks if you would like to spend the holidays with his family at The Burrow! The scenes filmed from The Burrow all took place in Devon, just outside the idyllic village of Ottery St Mary.

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And then finally for all Muggles who just want to embrace the Harry Potter anniversary, Llety Cynin in South Wales is the place to go as it has been transformed into a wizarding haven where you are sorted into either Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw on arrival and where you can enjoy your very own Wizard’s Tea served in owl cages.


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