You LIFT Me Up

Global hotel ‘Elevator Etiquette’ reveals what’s going down when you’re going up!

It seems Brits aren’t the politest of hotel guests, with 80% of travellers admitting to not greeting other guests when using hotel lifts. New research by reveals the true ‘Elevator Etiquette’ of global travellers, as farting tops the list of guilty pleasures within lifts across the world (24%).

Brits are still living by the old adage, ‘speak when spoken to,’  as 43% admit to only responding to  another lift user when first greeted. The top lift annoyance? A quarter (25%) of holidaymakers abhor those who only  go up one floor.

The global survey, of over 25,000* travellers, found that in the UK over a quarter (26%) will break wind in a lift, while applying more make up (9%) and making love to a partner (6%) feature at second and third place of most popular lift activities respectively.

Across the globe, Indian travellers are the most adventurous when it comes to lift liaisons with 20% admitting to having enough time to get romantic with a loved one. Mexicans are the second bravest nation with 13% enjoying their partner’s company between floors, followed by 1 in 10 Brazilian, Spanish and Russian travellers. A romantic minority of Brits (2%) have even gone so far as to propose inbetween floors!

Carolina Annand of the brand commented, “We all use hotel lifts, yet we never know what really goes on behind closed doors. Our research gives interesting insights into the secret lives of our travellers, however it seems British travellers could take some tips from other nations as to how to come across more politely while going up!”

Top five most popular hotel lift habits:

  Hotel lift habit Percentage
1 Farting 26%
2 Applying make up 9%
3 Sex 6%
4 Getting changed 5%
5= Napping 2%
5= Proposing 2%


*Survey carried out on 25,581 global travellers, January 2015

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